Welcome to the Cancer Pain Management e learning site.

This site is aimed at all healthcare practitioners involved in pain management for patients with cancer, including specialist nurses, junior doctors, general practitioners, GP registrars and senior medical students.

This site provides an interactive learning environment for learning to manage cancer pain.  The site consists of modular tutorials, self assessment with feedback, and links for further reading and research.

After working through all the material on the site, users should be able to:

  • Take a clear and detailed pain history
  • Apply the principles of the WHO approach when dealing with cancer pain
  • Make appropriate choices when prescribing and reviewing opiates for pain management
  • Recognise appropriate drugs for use with a syringe driver

This site is NOT intended for patients / carers of those suffering from cancer pain. A useful resource for this can be found here (external link, information supplied by CancerBacup).

Please take time to complete the feedback form to let us know what you think of the site.

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to include current guidelines and dosages, you are advised to check with your local formulary and the current British National Formulary before prescribing any drugs.  The developers accept no responsibility for any adverse events as a result of actions taken by users of this site. 

The site was developed by Dr Mahibur Rahman.  You can find out more about the site and developer here.  To begin the tutorial, please go on to the introduction.


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